Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Tuesday December 2 , 2008
Call meeting to order
Roll Call
Minutes to last meeting
Treasurer’s report
______1. .Road work ,salt,sand, and bills for 2008 discussion...
______2. Bindl /Bauer called and said all bills are paid with them as of the
November meeting.
______3. All of the numbers are here for the 2008 levies of taxes. The last one came
Tuesday afternoon before Thanksgiving. . The amounts were levied and
gotten to the county brfore Thsnksgiving. We were the 4th district turned in for
the running of the taxes. Clerk to complete the forms in the tax roll book and fill
of the statement of taxes for the state. This is due the 3rd Monday in December
to the state. Treasurer to mail out the taxes and set the collection times for these.
Taxes were up $55,000.00 for the township.
______4. The assessor has to attend classes and get our valuation into compliance
with the state as we are off a few numbers from being in compliance. We
may have to do a reevaluation. He was in the township this past week getting
properties for the next years records. He looked at the structure being built by
Robert Kenas that is an addition to the building he got fined when he built it as
he didn’t get the permits from the county. This is to be a livable property. . He
got permits from the county this time, but no permits from Bear Creek and is
building within 300 feet of an active farm.. County says he is all right with
their rules and if Bear Creek has more rigid rules it is Bear Creek’s
problem.According to Mark Seward.
______5. Clerk attended the meeting in Madison on energy and the future of getting more
energy available in Wisconsin without the use of oil. This was put on by the
Wisconsin Town’s Association. This was November 18th. Literature
and pamphlets here is anyone wants to look this over. It is on going GREEN.
Saving, recycling, protecting our children’s future.
______6. The payment came for the Smart Growth reimbursement check in the amount
of $3,686.18. And we owe for a third payment of $8,626.64. which will be due
the end if January 2009. . But we will get almost all of it back as we weren’t
reimbursed for our first payment of $500.00 and we are to get back 7,813.82 of
the 3rd payment.Our total on our final payment being reimbursed in the mount of
$8,313.82 and we will get this in the summer of 2009...
______7. The patrolman is to be given a Christmas Bonus..
______8. Smart Growth members are to be paid at the January meeting for the 4th
quarter of 2008. There will be a December 14th meeting of the committee.
______9. The checks are going to the board tonight on the budget meetings in October
and November . Board to be paid for 4th quarter at next meeting.
_____10. The sheet on the school levies, news for township has been completed and
will go out to the Township with the taxes. Also the 2009 sheets on recycling.
_____11. The DNR needs a report completed on the levies for each of the schools,
county, township, and state, as this is how they base their DNR in lieu of taxes.
We don’t get this break if the sheet isn’t completed.
_____12. The January Town Board meeting will be January 6th as it is the first
Tuesday of the month.. .
______13 The tax sheet for the state needed to be completed , signed, and sent to the
______14..The motion needs to be made to close the Township records as of December
31,2008 . This is a state law.
______15. The Caucus needs to be set and published for January 2009.. The notice had
to be published in November of the incumbents and notice of the spring general
election on April 7,2009 All board is up for reelection for a 2 year term starting
with the Annual Meeting in April of 2009.
______16.The tobacco selling permit sheet for Bear Creek needs to be completed and
sent to the state..
______17. Discuss raising the amount of pay per Board Meeting.
______18. Ballots were ordered for the spring 2009 elections on February 17th and April
______19. There is a Town’s Association meeting in the Dells on December 8th on
keeping farm lands in operation.
______20. Garbage pick-up and recycling will go up 4% in 2009.
______21. Lottery Credit amounts and the new First Dollar amounts of credit are here.
Sheets run for the board.
______22. Ron Towle put 28 acres of land intro managed forest land as of January
_____23. Bills to be paid as presented and approved.
_____24. Any other business to come before the board.
Bills to pay: Tim McCluskey 3) Eileen Eberle Magnan Assessment
Town and Country Sanitation US Cellular Verizon Alliant Electric
Retirement People’s Community Bank (Fed. With, FICA,Med.)
Wisconsin Department of Revenue Sauk County Treasurer
Town Board for Budget meetings Sheila Tafs (2) Treasurer
Columbia County Highway Department Spring Green Auto Supplies
Plain Tru Value River Valley Publishing Any other bills approved by the board
Tim McCluskey (Christmas Bonus) Office Market

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