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Agenda April 2011

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Wednesday April 6,2011
Call meeting to order.
Roll Call
Minutes to last meeting
Treasurer’s report
_______1. Discussion of the Spring General Election held on Tuesday April
5,2011. 5 person board used as there are several
offices being filled .
Also, the continuing voter registration before voting
takes time. Testing meeting
of equipment was held Friday April 1st at the Town
Hall. Checks for
this group to be signed tonight.

_______2. Township Annual 2011 Meeting will be held Tuesday April
12,2011at the
Bear Creek Town Hall with the meeting to be called to
order at 8:00 P.M. The
meeting will discuss the roads to be repaired in 2011and
any other business
pertinent to the meeting. This was published and posted.

_______3.A date needs to be set for the board to view the roads for
the spring of 2011
with the patrolman..

_______4. The Town Board is to be paid at this meeting.

_______5. Meeting changed to Wednesday evening due to the election
on Tuesday.

_______6. The Planning Commission will meet at the e Town Hall with Ted
Greenheck .Concerning Dan Crook land and a building
project. Dan requested
coming before the board on this.

_______7. The Annual Financial Reports for the Township for 2010
were run and
sent to the residents in March. A newsletter was put
together and distributed at
the election and sent with taxes. More will be
available at the Annual Meeting.

_______8. The State Form C is completed and sent to the state by March
31,2011 and
the clerk sent it registered mail. We have the verified
notice of the state
receiving the report.

_______9. Quik Books update for the payroll needs to be sent for and
will be here by
April.The cost will be $299.00.

_______10. The quarterly reports are due at this time.

_______11. The Clerk got the new laptop for the town and has the new Quick Books
Program installed in there. We need to have the
technical support program
of $149.00 . Billing is here tonight for the laptop and
programs installed in
________12. The school districts have to be given a complete roll of
the election to each
district. We have to run over 50 sheets of records for
each of the 3 districts.
These have to have a certification of the Clerk to be
legal. New rules of the
state. This is Ithaca, River Valley, and Weston.
Books came for Weston and
Ithaca, and we used those for those districts.

________13.Dan Fargen requested being on the board concerning an ATV
ride in the
township this summer. He wants a longer ride and to go
to White Mound Park.

________14. A road rating report is due on the town roads is usually
due at this time..

________15. Wisconsin Town’s Association dues are due for $398.00 and
will be paid
at this meeting. They also need the names ,
addresses, phone numbers and
offices of each member of the board. Clerk to
complete this and send in after
the election on April 6th..

________16. The fire bills are due May 1st. 1/2 for Plain and 3/4 for Town of
Washington .Also fire reports for the state were to
be completed by the clerk
and fire-chiefs. This has been done online and
completed by all 3 places

________17.Lottery credit checks are due now. We only get ours
anymore. The county
sends the others to the respective places..

________18. The State Recycling Report is to be completed and sent to
the State by
April 30,2011. Get these papers online now. Clerk has
run these.

________19. The Township Insurance at Rural Mutual is due May 1,2011. The
coverage papers are here.

________20. Don Fleming requested being on the agenda concerning an ATV ride in
his area. This is different than Dan Fargen’s . He
wants to go to Bear
________21. A dividend check came from Consumer’s Co-op for $35.22 and
given to the
________22. Any other business approved by the board.
Bills to pay :
Tim McCluskey (3) Eileen Eberle
Magnan Assessments
Town and Country Sanitation Alliant Electric U.S.
Cellular Frontier Phone
People’ Community Bank(Fed.With,Med.,FICA) Retirement Fund
Sheila Tafs
State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue Lucille Brice
Judy Brassington
Marty McCluskey Harold Emerson Jeff Scallon Phyllis
Meister Ken Blum
Planning Commission checks to committee (5) Sauk County Highway
Phoenix Computers Quick Books Program United States Postal
Pauline Lins
FS Frontier Wisconsin Town’s Association dues Dish Network
Spring Green Auto
Country Crossroads Any other bills approved by the board .

Reply Reply to all Forward

Agenda for April 6, 2011 at 8:00 P.M.

The town Board of the Town of Bear Creek will hold its regular monthly meeting at the Bear Creek Town Hall on Wednesday April 6,2011 at 8:00 P.M. Included on the agenda are the following: Dan Crook concerning his land and a survey Dan Fargen concerning an ATV ride this summer Don Fleming concerning an ATV ride in his area The spring general election The Annual Meeting on April 12,2011 at 8:00 P.M. The Form C Report to the state Quick Books 2011 installed in the computer New laptop for clerk and township Ted Greenheck requested being on the board Quarterly reports due now. Wisconsin Town's Assocaition dues of $398.00 State Recycling report due April 30,2011 Fire reports completed in March by Fire Cfiefs and Clerk for state Dividend from Consumer's Co-op for $ 35.22 Roads to be looked at for 2011 repairs Any other business pertinent to the board.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sauk County Hazardous Waste Clean Sweep June 4,2011

There will be a hazardous waste clean sweep to properly dispose of hazardous wastes on Saturday June 4,2011 at the Sauk County Landfill at E8795B Evergreen Lane , Baraboo,Wisconsin from 8:30 A.M. until Noon..
There will be FREE disposal of lead based and latex paints; waste motor oil and oil filters; unused pesticides; batteries; light bulbs; and other solvents. (A list is available at the Town Hall ot information from any town board member.)

Oe imformation can be obtained from the following web site www.co.sauk.wi.us or phone

Respectfully submitted
By Bear Creek Town Board

2010 Financial Report for Bear Creek

Eileen Eberle - Town Clerk and Sheila Tafs - Town Treasurer
Taxes Collected in December, 2009
Forest Crop/Managed Forest Collected in December,2009
Dog Licenses Collected in December, 2009
Special Assessment Collected in December, 2009
Equipment Account
Intergovenmental Revenue
43410 State Shared Revenue July/November
43420 Fire Dues
43531 Transportation Aides
43533 Food Damage
43537 Haz Mat
43538 Bridge
43620 DNR in lieu of Taxes
43640 Forest Sevance
43790 Vet's Graves
Total Intergovenmental Revenue
Licenses Total
44100 Beverage & Cigarette License
44110 Liquor & Beer License
44112 Operator License
44300 Building Permits
44200 Dog Licenses
44201 Dog Refund
46100 Publication of Licenses
Total Licenses
Miscellaneous Revenue Total
46100 Copies Sold
48308 Environment Clean-up
46435 Recycling Grants
48303 Sale Highway Equipment
48307 Sale of Metal
48110 Interest
48902 Surplus Applied
48900 Miscellaneous Revenue
48903 Transfer Equipment Account
48901 Private Work
Total Miscellaneous Revenue
Tax Receipt Total
41111 Property Tax Real Estate/Personal Property
41111 School Tax Credit from State
41113 Lottery Credit - Real Estate
41115 Tax Settlement - August County
41116 Computer Tax
44150 Forest Crop/Managed Forest
41160 Special Assessment
Total Tax Receipt
Non-Budget Revenues
40002 Advance Dog Licenses
41100 Advance Tax Collection
41151 Advance Forest Crop
41161 Advance Special Assessment
48930 Advance Ithaca Lottery Credit
Total Non-Budget Revenues
Equipment Account
Sale of Tractor
Total Equipment
General Government
51100 Board Salary
51101 Board FICA
51102 Dues Association
51103 Publication
51104 Board Travel
51105 Board Expense
51106 Postage
51107 Office Supplies
51108 Telephone
51110 Board Medicare
51300 Legal
51400 Clerk Salary
51401 Clerk FICA
51402 Clerk Medicare
51403 Clerk Expenses
51404 Clerk Equipment
51405 Clerk Retirement
51440 Election Salary
51441 Election Expenses
51512 Bank Charges/Checks
51520 Treasurer Salary
51521 Treasurer FICA
51522 Treasurer Medicare
51523 Treasurer Expenses
51530 Assessor Salary
51533 Assessor Expenses
51601 Addition to Town Hall
51600 Town Hall Expense
51932 Town's Insurance
Total General Government
Health Service
54910 Ward Cemetary
Total Health Service
54911 Miscellaneous Expense
54912 Transfer from Equipment
Total Miscellaneous
Public Safety
52200 Fire Protection - Plain
52201 2% Fire Dues - Plain
52203 Fire Protection - Town of Washington
52205 Emergency Diaster Plan
Total Public Safety
Public Works
53100 Fuel for Shed
53103 Land Purchase and Shed
53311 Highway Maintenance/Repair
53312 Highway/Road Salary
53313 Machinery Purchases
53314 Haz Mat Spill
53315 Highway Construction
53316 Gas, Oil, Diesel
53317 Gravel
53318 Truck Phone
53320 Bridge
53321 Patrolman Salary
53322 Patrolman FICA
53323 Patrolman Medicare
53324 Patrolman Expenses
53325 Patrolman Retirement
53420 Street Light
53631 Recycling Wages
53632 Highway/Road FICA
53633 Recycling Expense
53638 Highway/Road Medicare
Total Public Works
Plan Commission
56900 Plan Commission
Total Smart Growth
Non-Budget Taxes
24309 PILT State of Wisconsin
24310 Sauk County Taxes
24311 PILT County
24312 DNR
24330 Dog Licenses County
24331 Dog Licenses Treasurer
24350 Forest Crop/Managed Paid to County
24600 Taxes Paid River Valley School
24610 PILT Paid River Valley School
24610 Taxes Paid Weston School
24620 Taxes Paid Ithaca School
24700 Taxes Paid Madison Area Technical College
24701 PILT Paid Madison Area Technical College
24710 Taxes Paid Southwest Technical College
59930 Refund Escrow - Overpayment
Total Non Budget Taxes
Bank Balance as of December 31, 2010
Plus Deposits Made after Statement
Less Outstanding Checks
Equipment Account
Total Ending Balance
Marty McCluskey, Chairman - phone 986-4154
Harold Emerson, 1st Supervisor - phone 588-7161
Jeffrey Scallon, 2nd Supervisor - phone 986-6010
Eileen (Lawrence) Eberle, Town Clerk - phone 583-5544

Sheila Tafs, Town Treasurer - phone 546-2383
Town Assessor - Magnan Assessment Service -
phone - 262-542-3332 or 1-888-263-1665
Town Board Meetings are on the first Tuesday of each
Month at 8:00 p.m. at Bear Creek Town Hall
Ted Greenheck - Surveyor & Chairman
Ken Blum - Vice Chairman of Plan Commission
Bob Bremel - Secretary
Sheley Scallon
Joe Bauer
Plan Commision Meetings are on the third Tuesday of
each Month at 7:30 p.m. at Bear Creek Town Hall

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Approved minutes of February Meeting of Bear Creek

Minutes of meeting

The Town of Bear Creek held its regular monthly meeting Tuesday February 1st, 2011 at the Bear Creek Town Hall, with the meeting called to order at 6:00 P. M. by Chairman Marty McCluskey. (Called early due to bad storm in the area. Blizzard conditions.)
Present included :Harold Emerson and Jeffrey Scallon, Supervisors, Sheila Tafs , treasurer; Tim McCluskey, Patrolman, Dan Fargen , and Eileen Eberle, Clerk.
Minutes were presented by the Clerk. Motion to approve as presented by Harold Emerson, 2nd, and carried.
Treasurer’s report was presented by the Treasurer. Motion to approve as presented by Jeffrey Scallon, 2nd, and carried.
Roads were discussed concerning salt and sand. Regular winter roads.
Spring Primary Election to be Tuesday February 15th. We will use a 3 person board .. Was published and posted. There was a training session for the election board on Saturday February 12th at the Town Hall.
Checks are to go to the schools on February 20th of the monies paid in January. Sheila needed a check to pay the dogs dues.
The Clerk’s and the Treasurer’s books for 2010 are to be audited at the March 1,2011 meeting due ..Time of meeting is 7:30 P.M.
The Clerk is working on the Township Annual Report and these will be mailed to the residents after the books have been audited. She is also working on the Form C Report for the state. This is due March 31st.
The area District’s Town’s Association meetings are to be held and Bear Creek is having 5 attend on March 5th at Wisconsin Dells..
Harold met with the assessor on new construction in Bear Creek .
The tobacco report was completed and mailed.
Dan Fargen was present to request having ATV rides in the Township using the roads as part of the trail. Marty to check about insurance and police approval. Letter to be signed by the board and on the March agenda. Adding more mileage to the trail ride.
All board members were nominated to their respective offices at the January Caucus and will be on the ballots in April..
Bills were paid as presented and approved by the board.
Motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:10 P.M. was made by Sheila Tafs , 2nd , and carried. Chairman McCluskey adjourned the meeting.
Recorded this 1std day of February , 2011 by Mrs. Lawrence (Eileen) Eberle
Clerk of Bear Creek Township
(We had one of the worst storms in our area in over 20 years and schools were all closed the next day. We did the business required and got all home safely. Reason for the emergency time of the meeting. The Chairman checked that all were home Safe.)