Monday, October 22, 2012

Agenda for November 8,2012 Budget and Regular Meetings in Bear Creek

AGENDA FOR REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING OF BEAR CREEK Budget meetings : 7:30 P.M. Proposals Public Hearing Adoption Thursday November 8 , 2012 Call regular monthly meeting to order Roll Call Minutes to last meeting Treasurer’s report ______1. The budget is to have the proposals, a hearing , and an adoption this evening. . The sheets will be distributed and board to go over these.. The notices have been published and posted.. . ______2.The resolution on using last years unused levy needs approval and signing. .. ______3.. Road work and bills for 2012 discussion... ______4. Jennifer Erickson , the Sauk County Community Development Agent requested being on the agenda . ______5. The levies for the schools are coming in. Listed are those here at time of writing the agenda. .Levied for 2012 . Payable in 2013 taxes. 2010 2011 2012 Madison Area Technical College $ 73,638.64 $ 85,805.91 Southwest Technical College $ 23,168.95 $ 23,371.86 River Valley Schools $ 518,462.72 $513,683.78 Ithaca School District $ 85,210.06 $ 86,547.44 Weston School District $ 55,377.07 $ 52,281.00 ______6. The dog collections reimbursement. This is paid to Sheila for collecting the dog taxes.A check to be paid to her tonight if here from the county. ______7. The fire departments are to be paid the rest of their levy for the year at this meeting. Plain 50% and Town of Washington 25%. ______8. Rural Mutual Insurance is to be paid in the amount of $ 4,460.50 which is half of the yearly premium. ______9. The Clerk and Treasurer attended a Clerk’s meeting October 24th in Baraboo.. _____10. The treasurer is getting $244.00 for stamps to mail out the taxes. ______11.A letter came on the amounts of raising the levy 2013 is $2.00 higher than last year,plus using $9,525.00 for s debt payment.. We got a sheet on this from the state on how to tabulate our amounts. Any carryover can be used the next year. Just that strict records need to be kept on these amounts. Sheet is here and to be filled out after the budget is approved. Amount of allowable from the state is $267,436.00 plus the debt obligation of $9,537.00 makes levy at $276,961.00 _____12.Jenny Erickson asked to be placed on the agenda. Clerk to call her and let her know a place and time... _____13. The special assessment sheet needs to be filled out for the county. This year we have none. ______14. Check came for the Veteran’s grave at the Ward Cemetery. The amount of $6.00. This is perpetual and provided by President Abraham Lincoln for those who gave their lives for this nation. ______15. The December meeting needs to be set... _______16.The election board needs to be paid tonight and results of the Presidential Election in Bear Creek needs to be announced. . _____17. Bills to be paid as presented and approved. ______18. The State Shared Revenue should come in November. ______19. Any other business to come before the board. ************************************************************************ Bills to pay: Tim McCluskey (2) Eileen Eberle Magnan Assessment Town and Country Sanitation US Cellular Frontier Phone Alliant Electric Retirement People’s Community Bank (Fed. With, FICA,Med.) Shelly Scallon Wisconsin Department of Revenue Sauk County Treasurer Plain Kwik Trip Rural Mutual Insurance Plain Fire Department Town of Washington Fire Department Sauk County Highway Department Spring Green Auto Supplies Dish Network Plain Tru Value River Valley Publishing Any other bills approved by the board 4 budget meetings paid to the board

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Approved agenda of September 2012 meeting of Bear Creek Town Board

MINUTES September 2012 TOWN OF BEAR CREEK REGULAR MEETING The Township of Bear Creek held its regular monthly meeting Tuesday September 4tht, 2012 at the Bear Creek Town Hall with the meeting called to order at 8:00 P.M. by Chairman Marty McCluskey. Present included : Harold Emerson and Jeff Scallon, Supervisors ; Sheila Tafs, Treasurer; Tim McCluskey, Patrolman; Reggie Jaquish, and Eileen Eberle, Clerk. Minutes to the last meeting were read by the Clerk. Motion to approve as read was made by Harold Emerson , 2nd, and carried. Treasurer’s report was given by the treasurer.Motion to approve as presented by Jeff Scallon , 2nd, and carried. Road work being done was discussed..Sealcoating and asphalt work were discussed and being done.. The recycling grant application for 2013 is to be completed by the clerk and sent in before October 1,2012..These done on the computer as of 2009 and submitted directly to the state. The Town receives confirmation of this being done. The insurance audit was compiled, completed, and sent to the Rural Mutual Insurance Company. .. St. Patrick’s Church requested a license for beer at their Fall Festival September 16th and it was issued. Motion to approve the license was made by Jeff Scallon, 2nd, and carried. Dwayne Faber was issued a 1 day operator’s license to be the licensed bartender all day at the festival. The October town board meeting was set for October 2, 2012. The State Road Report came and needed to be completed.The chairman does this. The finalized taxation report came after the August settlement. The dog list to be completed by the treasure and sent to the county. The equalized values came for 2012 and the clerk ran copies for the board. The current population is 598 , up about 100 from 2000 census report. The 2013 budget will be started in October. A special budget meeting will be set in October at the Bear Creek Town Hall to plan the budget. There is a Clean Sweep in Bear Creek and Sauk County October 6,2012 . Reggie Jaquish was present concerning a survey map at the Walter Powell property and it was approved by the board. There was also a concern of Robert Needham wanting some land of his rezoned to ag land and the board had no objections to this and this is on the agenda for action at the September meeting of the board.. The state licensing bureau needed the correct seller’s permit for the Drea Bar.. Bills were paid as presented and approved by the board. Motion was made at 8:45 P.M. by Harold Emerson to adjourn the meeting, 2nd and carried. Chairman McCluskey adjourned the meeting. Recorded this 4th day of September , 2012 by Clerk of Bear Creek Township Mrs. Lawrence (Eileen)Eberle The meeting was short due to the bad storm on this evening. Trees went down and Tim was called away from the meeting.