Friday, May 29, 2009

Agenda June,2,2009

Tuesday June 2,2009
Call meeting to order.
Roll Call
Minutes to last meeting
Treasurer’s report
Board of Review to be called into session and adjourned to a later date . Set a new date and then change again if necessary. Was published and posted.
_______1. Discussion on road work for the summer. Mowing also being done.
_______2. Ted Greenheck requested being on the agenda to report on the progress of
the Smart Growth Committee. His items for the agenda include:
1. Final draft for land division and driveway ordinances in Bear Creek
2. Mary Ellen Kraemer driveway
3. Matt Brickl’s Certified Survey Map
4. Status on Certified Survey Map of Heisers and Bear Creek
_______3. Raymond Dederick called and said he was signing an affidavit concerning
his son moving from their mobile home as soon as his house is built and the
mobile home will be removed from Bear Creek. Is there a time frame for this?
The letter I wrote to him after the last meeting was needed for the county
Planning and Zoning. I sent a copy to Ted and he forwarded this to the county.
Needs to be done this way in the future. ( Copy here for the board)
_______4. Insurance Audit needs to be completed and sent during this month. This
is for Workman’s Comp. and has to be all the wages for May to May , the
insurance year. Getting much more precise.
_______4. Clerk attended the District Clerk’s meeting May 14th. In the afternoon
she became certified for Board of Review for 2009-20010 with a 4 hour
course approved by the State of Wisconsin. .
_______5. Set the new time for Board of Review. Each board member will be paid
$40.00 for the 2009 Board of Review.
_______6. Open Book for 2009 will be held at the Bear Creek Town Hall by the
assessor prior to the Board of Review
_______7. The propane contract is here for 2009-2010 winter season and needs to
be signed and returned to the company..

_______8. The Ward Cemetery report to the county needs to be completed on the
veteran and sent to the county. This is perpetual care of David Ward’s grave,
provided by President Abraham Lincoln following those who gave their lives in
the Civil War for the Freedoms in our country..Was Sheley contacted on the
care of the Ward Cemetery f or 2009?
_______9. The Quick-Books program hasn’t appeared on the clerk’s credit card billing as
of printing of the agenda. Will present bill when the billing is done.
_______10. The date should the July meeting will be July 7th.
_______11. A check came in the amount of $2,250.00 for a claim , after our deductible.
_______12. Drea’s Bar notice of license was published and will be issued on June 30th.
_______13. The sheet came in the housing report for 2008 and the building inspector,
Harold, is to complete this report.
_______14. A request is here from the state on highway improvement projects for
2010-2013. These are for be special Safety issued projects. Given to Chairman.
_______15. IRS says we overpaid on the last quarter by $258.15. Clerk will adjust in next
_______16. . Any other business approved by the board.
Bills to pay : Tim McCluskey (3) Eileen Eberle Magnan Assessments
Town and Country Sanitation Alliant Electric U.S. Cellular Verizon
People’s Community Bank (Fed.With,Med.,FICA) Frontier FS
State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue Sauk County Clerk (Advertize)
Premier Election Solutions (2) voting machine contracts for year Aring Equipment
River Valley Publishing Retirement Fund Richland Office Supply
Spring Green Auto Bindl/Bauer Limestone Any other bills approved by the board.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

May 5th Meeting of Town of Bear Creek

The May Regular monthly meeting of the Township of Bear Creek is
Tuesday May 5th at 8:00 P.M. at the Bear Creek Town Hall.

The agenda is posted.

Town of Bear Creek Clerk
Mrs. Lawrence (Eileen) Eberle

Agenda for Regular Monthly Meeting May 2009

1. Call meeting to order
2. Roll Call
3. Minutes to last meeting
4. Treasurer’s report
________1. Road bids to be discussed ..
Sealcoating and asphalt work for 2009
________2. Report on roads and work to be done
________3. First half of the town insurance is due to Rural Mutual Insurance. Amount
of $3975.50.
________4. . Board of Review for 2009 will meet June 2,2009 at 8:00 at the Town
Hall and adjourn until July. Time to be later published and posted.
. One time short form to be published. One time long form to be published. 15
days before Board of Review
_______5. Fire bills need to be paid at this time. 50% of amount needs to be paid to
Plain. 75% of amount needs to be paid to Town of Washington.
_______6. The Recycling Grant forms were completed and sent to the District Office.
_______7. Smart Growth Board to be on the agenda with 3 items:.
1. Raymond Dederick Survey map
2. Drafts of the driveway ordinances and the Subodivision ordinances.
3. Jeff Scallon’s replacement on the Smart Growth Board
This committee meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month.
_______8. .A report of a claim on out insurance came.
_______9. The Quick Books program still needs to be gotten
_______10. Clerk to attend a meeting in Baraboo May 14th for the Municipal Clerk’s
_______11.Bill here for the 2009 brushing along the roads.
_______12. Proclaim May 3rd through May 9th as Municipal Clerk’s Week in
Bear Creek Township in Wisconsin..
_______13. The Clerk’s and Treasurer’s bond at Statewide Services is due in the
amount of $125.00.
_______14. A call came for a the weather radio. These need to be ordered from
Emergency Management in Baraboo. .
_______15. There was a county wide emergency conference call meeting for the
discussion of Swine Flu in Sauk County and what to do if this became a
concern. This was referred to the chairman.
_______16. Any other business to come before the board.
Bills to pay: Tim McCluskey (3) Eileen Eberle Retirement Alliant Energy
US Cellular Verizon Magnan Assessments Town and Country Sanitation
People’s Community Bank(Fed,With,,Med.,FICA) State of Wisconsin Withholding
Rural Mutual Insurance Plain Fire Department Town of Washington Fire Department
Plain Kwik Trip Wisconsin Department of Revenue Statewide Services
Spring Green Auto Ridge Top L.L.C. Aring Equipment Sauk County Highway
Diamond Mowers Wis. Clerk’s Assoc. Any other bills approved by the board.