Sunday, May 30, 2010

Trail ride meeting and hearing

At the Town Hall at 7:30 P.M. June 1,2010 there is a special meeting concerning a trail ride to be established in Bear Creek by Dan Fargen. The public is invited to have their say in this matter. This information has been posted and published.
Town of Bear Creek Town Board.

Agenda June 1,2010 Town of Bear Creek

Tuesday June 1,2010
Special meeting : Public Hearing on the proposed trail rides in Bear Creek by Dan Fargen
8:00 P.M.
Call meeting to order.
Roll Call
Minutes to last meeting
Treasurer’s report

_______1. Discussion on road work for the summer. Mowing also being done.
_______2. Dave Zwettler on the agenda concerning the insurance of the township
_______3. Dan Fargen is on the agenda concerning the trail rides he is proposing
_______4. Insurance Audit needs to be completed and sent during this month. This
is for Workman’s Comp. and has to be all the wages for May to May , the
insurance year. Getting much more precise.
_______4. Clerk attended the District Clerk’s meeting May 20th.
_______5. Board of Review. is June 10th at 6:00 P.M.Each board member will be paid
$40.00 for the 2010 Board of Review.
_______6. The fencing concern between Reed Horton and Frank Sadlin
_______7. The propane contract for 2010-2011 winter season is usually here and to
be signed and returned to the company..

_______8. The Ward Cemetery report to the county needs to be completed on the
veteran and sent to the county. This is perpetual care of David Ward’s grave,
provided by President Abraham Lincoln following those who gave their lives in
the Civil War for the Freedoms in our country..Was Sheley contacted on the
care of the Ward Cemetery for 2010?
_______9. The Quick-Books program was put on the clerk’s credit card billing as
May 30th .
_______10. The date should the July meeting will be July 6th.
_______11. Drea’s Bar notice of license was published and will be issued on June 30th.
_______12. The sheet came in the housing report for 2009 and the building inspector,
Harold, is to complete this report.
_______13. Letter written for board to sign on approval of the streambanks improvement
in Bear Creek by Aldo Leopold Chapter of Trout Unlimited
_______14. Sheila has the wotk sheets to complete the retirement payments by online
checks. . Will start this with June payments
_______15. The roof will be put over the salt and sand shed by TEKS Supply for
_______16. . Any other business approved by the board.
Bills to pay : Tim McCluskey (3) Eileen Eberle Magnan Assessments
Town and Country Sanitation Alliant Electric U.S. Cellular Verizon
People’s Community Bank (Fed.With,Med.,FICA) Frontier FS
State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue Sauk County Clerk (Advertise)
Office Market Checks for Board of Review
River Valley Publishing Retirement Fund Richland Office Supply
Spring Green Auto Bindl/Bauer Limestone Any other bills approved by the board.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Approved Minutes to April 2010 Meeting

The Township of Bear Creek held its regular monthly meeting Monday April 8, 2010 at 8:00 P.M. at the Bear Creek Town Hall with the meeting called to order by Chairman Marty McCluskey.
Present included : Harold Emerson and Jeff Scallon, Supervisors; Sheila Tafs, Treasurer; Tim McCluskey , Patrolman; Dan Fargen , Sandy Rott, Jerry Wittmann , Ted Greenheck, and Eileen Eberle, Clerk.
Minutes to the last meeting were read. Motion to approve as presented by Harold Emerson, 2nd, and carried.
Treasurer’s report was presented .Motion to approve as presented was made by Jeff Scallon, 2nd , and carried..
Spring General Election was Tuesday , with a 5 person board Voter registration continued. Members were paid at the April meeting.
Township Annual meeting will be held Tuesday April 13 th . To discuss roads to complete and any other town business. A day April 12th was set to view the roads .
The Town Board was paid at this meeting. Meeting changed due to election on Tuesday at the Town Hall..
The Annual Financial Report was run and sent to residents in March. A newsletter was published and distributed at the election and at the Annual Meeting..
The State Form C was completed and sent to the state by registered letter by March 31,2010.
Lottery Credit checks are due. We only get ours from the county. The county mails out the others to the schools...
The Recycling Grant papers need to be completed by the clerk this month. These have to be retrieved online and sent to the district office before April 30, 2010..
Town Board was paid at this meeting.
Quarterly reports are due now.
Rural Mutual Insurance is due May 1,2010.
The Wisconsin Town’s Association dues are $364.40 and were paid at this meeting. List of Town Board sent to the Town’s Association and membership cards to be obtained.
Quik-Book payroll program to be sent for.
Jerry Wittmann was present for a survey on his land ...
Sandy Rott was present concerning water damage on her lawn from flooding. Board to look at this while viewing the roads.
Jeff Scallon and Dan Fargen were on the agenda with a Certified Survey Map and an exchange of land between the 2 parties. Motion to approve the exchange was made by Harold Emerson, Carried , and approved.
The Open Book for Bear Creek is set for May 20th at the Bear Creek Town Hall from 3:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. Assessor called and date set for Board of Review for June 10 th from 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. to adjournment.
The fire bills need to be paid in May. 1/2 to Plain and 3/4 to Town of Washington.
The poll lists have to be copied at the end of the election for each school district . This is 50 pages per district. New law. And there has to be attached a certificate from the clerk stating this is a copy of the Original list. New copier will be an asset.
Bills were paid as presented and approved by the board.
Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by 10:05 P..M. by Sheila Tafs, 2nd, and carried. Chairman McCluskey called for adjournment, it was 2nd, and carried. Meeting was adjourned.
Recorded this 8th day of April 2010 by Clerk of Bear Creek
Mrs. Lawrence (Eileen) Eberle

Public Hearing on ATV Trail Rides

Notice of Public Hearing in Town of Bear Creek
Notice is hereby given of a public hearing concerning one day ATV Trail Rides in the Township of Bear Creek These ATV rides will be 2 or 3 times a year, posted routes, and supervised rides following all of the rules of ATVs.
The public hearing will be held Tuesday June 1,2010 at the Bear Creek Town Hall at 7:30 P.M. Any further information can be obtained from any Town Board member and the postings at the Town Hall and the Plain Library.
By Clerk of Bear Creek Township
Mrs. Lawrence Eberle

Please publish 2 weeks and bill the Township
Thanks much,Eileen

Monday, May 3, 2010

Addendum to May 2010 meeting agenda

Addendum to May 4,2010 Town Board Meeting

_____-Agenda item Tom Gawle of the Trout Unlimited requests being placed on the
agenda concerning fishing easement rights on the Bill Fargen Farm , working with
the DNR to get these established..

By Clerk of Bear Creek
Mrs. Lawrence Eberle

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Agenda May 2010 Town Board of Bear Creek

1. Call meeting to order
2. Roll Call
3. Minutes to last meeting
4. Treasurer’s report
________1. Road bids to be discussed ..
Sealcoating and asphalt work for 2010
________2. Report on roads and work to be done
________3. First half of the town insurance is due to Rural Mutual Insurance.
________4. . Board of Review for 2010 will meet June10,2010 at 6:00 P.M. to 8:00
P.M. or to adjournment at the Town Hall . One time short form published.
One time long form to be published at least 15 days before Board of Review
_______5. Fire bills need to be paid at this time. 50% of amount needs to be paid to
Plain. 75% of amount needs to be paid to Town of Washington.
_______6. The Recycling Grant forms were completed and sent to the District Office.
_______7. Planning Commission on the board.
1. Dan Fargen concerning the proposed trail ride for a day in Bear Creek
This committee meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month.
_______8. Open Book for 2010 was set for May 20th from 3:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. at
the Bear Creek Town Hall. Only the assessor needs to be there.
_______9. The Quick Books program needs to be gotten. The form is here and the
amount is $275.00. It will be put on my credit card on May 30,2010. I will bill
the township on June2,2010. This is the payroll program.
_______10. Clerk to attend a meeting in Madison May 20th for the Municipal Clerk’s
_______11.Joe Bauer on the agenda concerning a Special Exemption Permit for the
Lin’s Quarry..
_______12. Proclaim May 2nd through May 8th as Municipal Clerk’s Week in
Bear Creek Township in Wisconsin..
_______13. The Clerk’s and Treasurer’s bond at Statewide Services is due in the
amount of $125.00.
_______14.The Anti-virus program to protect the Bear Creek programs is due for
$39.95. To be paid at this meeting.
_______15. The Recycling Gtant money for 2010 will be $1,624.96. Paper work
completed and into the state.
_______16. Dan Reutten’s payments of Special charges needs to be sent to the state if
paid and they will reimbursde the Town of their amount. We need to know if this
is paid and remit to state if it is.
_______17. Jeff is to be paid the rest of his first quarter check as I hit the key of board
payroll instead of Jerff’s name and didn’t notice the computer kicked out his
wages and only paid his mileage. This program has its own mind.
_______18. Any other business to come before the board.
Bills to pay: Tim McCluskey (3) Eileen Eberle Retirement Alliant Energy
US Cellular Verizon Magnan Assessments Town and Country Sanitation
People’s Community Bank(Fed,With,,Med.,FICA) State of Wisconsin Withholding
Rural Mutual Insurance Plain Fire Department Town of Washington Fire Department
Plain Kwik Trip Wisconsin Department of Revenue Statewide Services
Spring Green Auto Sauk County Highway Phoenix Anti-Virus Frontier FS
Wis. Clerk’s Association. Any other bills approved by the board.