Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January 5,2010 Town Board Agenda

Tuesday January 5, 2010 8:00 P.M. Bear Creek Town Hall
Call meeting to order
Roll call
Minutes to last meeting
Treasurer’s report
Old business
New business
______1. New budget for the year 2010 has been put into the computer. The updated
payroll figures for 2010 have been completed in the records. Social Security and
Medicare figures, plus some federal figures are new. State of Wisconsin stays the
______2. The 1099s will be mailed out to the businesses we work with in Bear Creek.
______3. Recycling costs are going up $3.00 per ton in the township due to higher costs
to our server.
______4. Meetings for the Township are $35.00 per meeting as of January 1, 2009.
______5. Quarterly reports are due for completion at this time. Also, the Federal and
State Reconciliation reports to IRS and State of Wisconsin. Clerk to complete
these. W-3 completed for Federal.
______6. Taxes for 2009 are being collected by the treasurer. New recycling sheets
are available at the Town Hall for 2010. Also the Spring Newsletter.
______7. W-2s were completed by the clerk for the board and distributed at the January
2010 meeting.
______8, Highway Aid amounts in 2010 are $90,029.55. $22,507.38 is coming to Bear
Creek on January 5,2010..
______9. New Record Books for the Board were completed by the clerk for 2010.
These are to be distributed at the January meeting.
_______10. The Wisconsin Clerk’s Association dues are due now for $45.00..
_______11. Township Audit of Books of the Treasurer and Clerk needs to be set. Was
at March meeting last year. Clerk doesn’t have the December bank statement
or the numbers in the account register of early paid taxes as yet.
______12. The Town Board is to be paid at this meeting.
______13. An updated Quik Books program will need to be ordered for the township
records..This will include the payroll program and update Quick Books to 2010.
Total cost is $399.00
______14. The web site for the Town of Bear Creek is up and running. The address
______15. The Smart Growth Committee will meet at the Town Hall in January.
______16 An election survey came from the state on the last election and this is to be
completed by the clerk and returned to the State Election Board. The ballots
were ordered for the 4 elections on 2010.
______17. The DNR report of the tax levies was completed and sent. This determines the
amounts of DNR in lieu of taxes.
______18. The Statement of Taxes was completed and sent to the state and county. The
Certification of the taxes was completed and the tax book gotten to the
______19. The state is trying to put through a new way to assess property. Letter from
Magnam on this.
______20. Any other business to come before the board and pertinent to the town board
Bills to pay : Tim McCluskey (2 payroll) Tim McCluskey (meeting) Eileen Eberle
Marty McCluskey Harold Emerson Jeff Scallon Sheila Tafs US Cellular
The Office Market (2) Dish Network Spring Green Auto
Alliant Electric Town and Country Sanitation People’s Community Bank
State of Wisconsin (With.) Retirement Fund Magnan Assessments Verizon
Sauk County Highway Department Plain Kwik Stop Frontier FS
Plain True Value U.S.Blade and Chain US Postal (Stamps for town)
Sauk County Tax Payments (2)
Wisconsin Dept. of Rev. Any other bills presented and approved by the board.

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