Friday, September 2, 2011

New Town Resolutions

New resolutions were passed at the September meeting of the Bear Creek Town Board .
These include: 1. A motion was made and passed that signs be posted in the Town Buildings stating it is unlawful to carry weapons into these buildings. ( New state mandate)

2. A resolution was passed on the grievance procedure to be used with employees in the Township. A motion was made and passed and the greiveance proceedure goes into effect on October 1,2011.

3. The new law went into effect concerning the employees paying more of their retirement and this started with the current paychecks for the patrolman and the clerk.

4. The township approved a five year contract with Town and Country Sanitation and the rate starting January 1,2012 will be $11.50 per year per household for both the recycling and the curbside garbage pick-up. (Up from current $10.47)

By Clerk of Bear Creek Mrs. Lawrence ( Eileen) Eberle

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