Tuesday, October 25, 2011

November meetings of Bear Creek Town Board

Notice of 2012 Budget Meetings for Bear Creek Township
Notice is hereby given of the Township of Bear Creek meetings for the 2012 Budget of
the Township of Bear Creek. The budget is posted at the Town Hall and available for
viewing from any board member.

The public meeting with the Bear Creek Town Board of the Proposed 2012 Budget
Meeting for the Township will be held Thursday November 3,2011 at the Bear Creek
Town Hall at 8;00 P.M. At this meeting the Town Board will present their proposals for
2012. The Town Board is proposing the budget that is within the levies limited by the

Immediately following the Proposed 2012 Budget Meeting will be the Public Hearing
of the 2012 Budget Proposals for Bear Creek. At this meeting all proposed amounts for
each entity will be discussed and reviewed.

After the Public Hearing the Town Board of Bear Creek will adopt the 2012 budget
for the Township of Bear Creek at the 2012 Bear Creek Budget Adoption Meeting..

Following these Budget Meetings on Thursday November 3,2011 the Regular
Monthly Meeting of the Township of Bear Creek will be held. The agenda will be posted.

By Clerk of Bear Creek Township

Mrs. Lawrence (Eileen ) Eberle

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