Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Approved October 2009 Minutes to Regular Monthly Meeting

The Township of Bear Creek held its regular monthly meeting Tuesday October 6th, 2009 at the Bear Creek Town Hall with the meeting called to order at 8:00 P.M. by Chairman Marty McCluskey.
Present included : Harold Emerson and Jeff Scallon, Supervisors; Sheila Tafs, Treasurer; Tim McCluskey, Patrolman; Ted Greenheck; and Eileen Eberle, Clerk.
Minutes to the last meeting were read by the Clerk. Motion to approve as read was made by Harold Emerson , 2nd, and carried.
Treasurer’s report was given by the treasurer.Motion to approve as presented by
Jeff Scallon , 2nd, and carried.
Road work being done was discussed. .
The recycling grant application for 2010 was completed by the clerk before October 1,2009.
The board was paid at this meeting.
Smart Growth meetings are being held at the Town Hall monthly. They will meet Monday October 20th in October. Ted was present with the information on a driveway for Matt Brickl and a survey map for Chris Lindquist. Also a survey map for Doug Schmid. Put on the October 20th meeting agenda of the Town Board.
The rest of the fire bills are due in November.
Quarterly reports are due at this time.
The November town board meeting was set for November 9, 2009 due to the Treasurer and Clerk having conflicts of the date of November3rd..
The budget was to be started and sheets were distributed to the board but a special meeting was called for Tuesday October 20th at 8:00 P.M. for putting together the budget proposals for the 2010
.The Board will meet at 7:30 P.M. on November 9th for the Budget Proposal Meeting, followed by the Budget Hearing Meeting, followed by the Budget Adoption Meeting. Then the regular monthly meeting will be held.
2nd half of insurance is due in November.
Current population in Bear Creek is 590. Up 13 people from the last state report..
The new posting board has been installed on the front of the building and being used.
The State Shared Revenue came in the amount of $9,041.00.
The Clerk was honored by the State Clerk’s Association for 25 years of service as the township clerk and was given a plaque.
Shelly Scallon needs to be paid in November for the care of the Ward Cemetery.
The Salt (NaCl) /Sand shed was started with the pit dug and the cement blocks ordered. To be completed so it can be filled with the winter salt and sand. Cost approximately $20,000.00. Motion to build the Salt /Sand Storage Shed was made by Harold Emerson, 2nd, and carried. Wieser Concrete will do the work.
There will be a Clerk’s and Treasurer’s meeting in Baraboo on October 26th and the clerk and treasurer will attend. This is on the levying and collecting of the taxes.
Bills were paid as presented and approved by the board.
Motion was made at 9:42 P.M. by Sheila Tafs to adjourn the meeting, 2nd and carried. Chairman McCluskey adjourned the meeting.
Recorded this 6th day of October , 2009 by Clerk of Bear Creek Township
Mrs. Lawrence (Eileen)Eberle

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