Thursday, September 26, 2013

Agenda for October 2013 Meeting of Bear Creek Township

AGENDA FOR REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING OF BEAR CREEK OCTOBER 2013 ________1. Budget planning meeting to be set and bills for 2013 discussion... ________2. Roads being done and discussion of bills on roads _______3.The check came for the veteran’s grave at the Ward Cemetery. Given to Sheila. Thanks to President Abraham Lincoln _______4. Shelly needs to be paid for the care of the Ward Cemetery. _______5. The Shared Revenue for 2014 is the same as 2013. _______6. The Bob Brice Family will be moving from Bear Creek and Lucille is on the election board. New members will have to be gotten for this board. ______7..The November meeting needs to be set as the election is on the regular night. Could it start at 8:15 P.M. as there will be a small vote? ______8. Town Board to be paid at this meeting. ______9. There is an election of the Ithaca residents on November 5, 2013 of a referendum. We will use a 3 person board of Phyllis, Judy, and Ken. Being published. Ithaca will pay for all of the costs, as there is no regular election...Published and getting ready for this election.. ______10. Quarterly reports are due at this time to state and federal. ______11. The recycling grant application was completed on the computer for 2014 by the clerk. We were notified of its completion correctly completed. ______12. Housing report should be here and to be given to Harold. ______13. There is a clean sweep in Sauk County Saturday October 5th. ______14. 2nd half of insurance is due in November. ______15. The bill came for the 2nd half of the fire department for Plain. We have always paid this in November. So we kept it for November. ______16. Bills to be paid as presented and approved. _______17.Any other business to come before the board. ************************************************************************ Bills to pay: Tim McCluskey (3) Eileen Eberle Magnan Assessment Town and Country Sanitation US Cellular Frontier Phone Alliane Energy Bill Emer Edie Eberle Sheila Tafs Retirement People’s Community Bank (Fed. With, FICA,Med.) Wisconsin Department of Revenue Sauk County Clerk Marty McCluskey Harold Emerson Jeff Scallon Plain Kwik Trip Edie Eberle Office Market Sheley’s Landscaping Ederer’s Farm Supply Bindl/Bauer Limestone Plain Quik Trip Any other bills approved by the board

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