Friday, January 31, 2014

February 4,2014 Town Board meeting


Tuesday February 4, 2014 8:00 P.M. at Bear Creek Town Hall


Tuesday February 4, 2014 8:00 P.M. at Bear Creek Town Hall

_______1. Discussion of the roads. Use of salt,sand,etc. Bad winter

weather conditions.

_______2. There will not be an election in February. Ken Blum took a 3

hour course to be a Chief Election Inspector. We have 3 trained.
______3. Checks need to be written to the schools (5) by February 15th

of the tax money paid in January. Sheila needs checks to

settle with the county for the county and state and the dogs.

Also checks need to be written for the DNR money in lieu of

taxes to MATC, River Valley, county and state.

______4. The meetings are going on with the Town’s Association meetings
in Mineral Point on February 14th and all going.

______5. Audit of the Clerk’s and Treasurer’s books for 2013 will be

done next month at 7:30 P.M. The 2013 Financial reports will be

run by the next meeting.

______6..Military and overseas voters sheets have been completed for


______7. The Clerk is working on the Township Annual Report for 2013

and starting the State Form C State Report that is due March

1,2014. We can distribute the Township Annual Reports in March.

______8. The Planning Commission will be starting their 1st year of

their 2 year terms.


______9..The April 1st meeting of the Town Board will have to be

changed due to the Spring General Election being on that day.

______10.1099 forms were mailed out in January. Sheila got us copies of

the forms. .

______11. The 2014 Quick Books payroll program needs to be ordered .

______12. We lost a former election board member, Susan Van de Grift and

another member Pauline Lins is very ill. Clerk sent a condolence

card from the board and the election board.

______13.The Township had to register with the state at a cost of $10.00.

______14.We are paying the State and Federal monthly deposits for

withholding online..Also the retirement amounts are online. State

retirement and State reconciliation reports are done online.

______15. The Recycling Report for 2013 to be completed and will be on

the computer by February 1st. The Clerk to complete this

report online.

______16. The Statement of Taxes was completed and copies sent to the

state, county, and treasurer.

______17. The March meeting will be Tuesday March 4,2014 .7:30 P.M. so

we do the audit.

______18. Clerk issued a check to State Withholding of $2.44. We have

credit at the State Retirement of $35.00. Different from W-2s as

the money is used for the year earned, not when paid.

______18. Any other business to come before the board.


Bills to pay : Tim McCluskey (3) Eileen Eberle Retirement

US Cellular Magnen Assessments Alliant Energy

State of Wisconsin Withholding DNR in lieu of Taxes 4 checks

School taxes for February (5 checks) Town and Country Sanitation

Edie Eberle People’s Community Bank(FICA,Fed.With.,Med.)

Sheila 2 checks for county Frontier FS River Valley Publishing

Spring Green Auto Sauk County Highway Department Ederers

Assessment Technologies Gray Inc . Dish Network

Any other bills approved by the board

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