Saturday, April 11, 2009

Agenda to Town Annual Meeting April 14th at 8:00 P.M.

Swear in the new board.
1.Appoint Chairman of the 2009 Annual Meeting
2. Call meeting to order Take roll call
3. Minutes to last annual meeting. (Can be dispensed )
4. Reading and reviewing the Annual Report for 2008. Look over. Any comments.
(Can be dispensed)
5. Discussion and decisions on the roads to be improved in 2009
6. Road side brushing and cleaning Jane Furchgott concerns.
7. Discussion of times of the Open Book and Board of Review for 2009 .
Bear Creek is having a re-val and the Board of Review will need to be called in
May and adjourned until late in June.
8. Discussion of buying land from Heisers for $6000.00.
9. Robert Tennant easement change.
10. Papers concerning the billing of all election items done by county clerk’s
10. Raymond Dederich certified survey map.
11. Any other business brought before the board pertinent to the Town Annual
Meeting. .
12.. Set the 2010 Annual Meeting.
13.. Motion to adjourn the 2009 Annual Meeting

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