Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Town of Bear Creek April 6,2009 Agenda

Monday April 6,2009
Call meeting to order.
Roll Call
Minutes to last meeting
Treasurer’s report
_______1. Discussion of the Spring General Election to be held on Tuesday April
7,2009. 5 person board used as there are several offices being filled .
Also, the continuing voter registration before voting takes time. Testing meeting
of equipment was held Saturday April 4th at the Town Hall. Checks for
this group to be signed tonight.
_______2. Township Annual 2009 Meeting will be held Tuesday April 14,2009 at the
Bear Creek Town Hall with the meeting to be called to order at 8:00 P.M. The
meeting will discuss the roads to be repaired in 2009 and any other business
pertinent to the meeting. This was published and posted.
_______3.A date was set for the board to view the roads for the spring of 2009,
with the patrolman.. This is April 9th and Jeff Acallon will join the group.
_______4. The Town Board is to be paid at this meeting.
_______5. Meeting changed to Monday evening due to the election on Tuesday.
_______6. The next Smart Growth meetings are continuing at the Town Hall and Ted
Greenheck is meeting with the lawyer to finish up the wording of some
ordinances for the town..Will try to be present to present a report on activities
being done.
_______7. The Annual Financial Reports for the Township for 2008 were run and
sent to the residents in March. A newsletter was put together and distributed at
the election. More will be available at the Annual Meeting.
_______8. The State Form C is completed and sent to the state by March 31,2008 and
the clerk sent it registered mail. We have the verified notice of the state
receiving the report.
_______9. Quik Books update for the payroll needs to be sent for and will be here by
April.The cost will be $239.00.
_______10. The quarterly reports are due at this time.
_______11. Jane Furchgott contacted the board and wants care done in cutting trees
and brush on her road. Letter here from her lawyer concerning this matter..
________12. The school districts have to be given a complete roll of the election to each
district. We have to run over 50 sheets of records for each of the 3 districts.
These have to have a certification of the Clerk to be legal. New rules of the
state. This is Ithaca, River Valley, and Weston.
________13. A thank you gift from the township has been gotten for Dale
________14. A road rating report is due on the town roads.
________15. Wisconsin Town’s Association dues are due for $364.40 and will be paid
at this meeting. They also need the names , addresses, phone numbers and
offices of each member of the board. Clerk to complete this and send in after
the election on April 7th..
________16. The fire bills are due May 1st. 1/2 for Plain and 3/4 for Town of
Washington .Also fire reports for the state were to be completed by the clerk
and fire-chiefs.
________17.Lottery credit checks are due now..
________18. The State Recycling Report is to be completed and sent to the State by
April 30,2008. Get these papers online now. Clerk has run these.
________19. Smart Growth Committee to be paid at this meeting.
________20. The Township Insurance at Rural Mutual is due May 1,2009. The
coverage papers are here.
________21. Untaxed lands reports need to be completed and sent to the state. Are due
June 2,2009. The ones due to the clerk have been received by March
________22. We will receive Recycling Grant Money of $1,544.96 from the DNR
around May 1st.
________22. Any other business approved by the board.
Bills to pay :
Tim McCluskey (3) Eileen Eberle(2) Magnan Assessments
Town and Country Sanitation Alliant Electric U.S. Cellular Verizon
People’ Community Bank(Fed.With,Med.,FICA) Retirement Fund Sheila Tafs
State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue Lucille Brice Judy Brassington
Marty McCluskey Harold Emerson Dale Nachreiner Phyllis Meister Ken Blum
Pauline Lins 6 Lottery Credit Checks Smart Growth checks to committee (5)
FS Frontier Wisconsin Town’s Association dues Dish Network
Spring Green Auto Sauk County Highway Department
Any other bills approved by the board .

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