Thursday, October 22, 2009

2010 Budget proposal meeting minutes

Minutes to 2010 Budget Proposal Meeting of Bear Creek Township
October 20,2009
The Town Board of the Township of Bear Creek held its 2010 Budget Proposal meeting at the Bear Creek Town Hall on Tuesday October 20,2009 with the meeting called to order at 8:00 P.M. by Chairman Marty McCluskey.
Present included: Harold Emerson and Jeff Scallon, Supervisors; Sheila Tafs, Treasurer, Tim McCluskey, Patrolman, Shelly Scallon of The Planning Commission, Matt Brickl, , Doug Schmid ,and Clerk, Eileen Eberle.
Discussion of a driveway on the Doug Schmid property was held. Motion to approve as presented by Harold Emerson, 2nd, and carried.
Discussion of a land survey map and a division of land by Chris Lindquist was discussed. Motion to approve having this signed with the hard copy of the documents at the November board meeting and put on hold until then..
Discussion of a driveway at the Matt Brickl property was held. Motion to approve as presented was made by Jeff Scallon, 2nd, and carried.
Paper work was completed in these accepted motions and is on file at the town hall.
The budget meeting included proposing amounts to be budgeted in all categories. Following the proposals the board discussed keeping the town levy at the same level as in 2009 as there is a concern of the economy of the area. Each member agreed and that is how the budget will be proposed , by the board putting a freeze on the amount budgeted for 2010.
A check came from the county for sending in the 2009 dog report and this amount will be given the treasurer at the November meeting as she generated this report on her treasurers records. The amount is $29.50.
Bids came in for the blacktop for the Salt/Sand Storage unit being built at the town Hall property. Gasser for $5,185.00 and Scott for $5,772.00 and the board accepted the lower bid.
Motion was made at 10:45 P.M. by Sheila Tafs to adjourn the Budget Proposal Meeting ., 2nd and carried. Chairman McCluskey adjourned the meeting.
Recorded by the Clerk of Bear Creek Township Eileen Eberle October 20 ,2009.

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