Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Addendum to March Town Board Meeting

Addendum to March Meeting of Bear Creek Town Board

1.__________ Plain Fire Deartment wishes to consider providing a place for the EMT’s
to stay in Plain over the week-ends. Marty will give the details.

2___________There is a resolution here to be considered for the new high lines being put
through Wisconsin and we received notice of this to be on our March
agenda. This came today March 6th to the clerk.

3. __________ A bill came today from Plain Kwik Trip for gas of $60.11 so clerk
included this on the billings.

4.__________ The clerk is notarized again as of February 29th and her term expires
February 28,2016.

5.___________Samples of the ballots for the April 3rd election are here and can be
looked at.

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