Sunday, July 3, 2011

Agenda July 7,2011 Town Board

8:00 P.M.
1. Call meeting to order
2. Roll call
3. Minutes to last meeting
4 Treasurer’s report

______1. Discussion of the road work to be completed this year. Progress and time

______2. The Quarterly Reports are to be completed at this time and sent to their
respective offices.

______3. The Town Board is to be paid at this meeting.

______4. 2nd half of the real estate taxes are due July 31st.

______5. Assessor and Board held Board of Review on June 9 th. There were no
concerns.. .

______6. Planning Commission Committee members to be paid at the July meeting if

______7. The Federal Insurance Audit papers for Rural Mutual s have been completed.
Clerk completed the audit and submitted the papers and compilations.

______8. Because of Federal borrowing by the state wages of employees over
$25,000.00 in 2010 will be assessed an amount to return. Letter here. Will be
done in August.

______9. Drea’s Bar Licenses of Liquor and Beer, were issued to Pat McCluskey and
published in the papers. Check here and given to the treasurer. .

______10. The assessment after Board of Review is $6,941,500.00 . We are in

______11.There will be no recycling grant money available to townships under 25,000
population in 2012 unless they join with another entity in a recycling program...

______12. A contract is here on signing up for 2010--2011 winter propane. Given to
Marty. Board looking into prices

______13. Managed Forest check came in the amount of $1,244.96. 20% to be returned
to the county.

______14. August meeting to be set for Tuesday August 2,2011.

______15. Clerk got the battery and electrical protection for the protection of equipment
at the town hall.

______16. The fire dues came and we have to be turn this over to the 2 fire departments.

______17. Any other business to come before the board

Bills to pay : Tim McCluskey (3 checks) Eileen Eberle Marty McCluskey

Harold Emerson Jeff Scallon Sheila Tafs Retirement Fund Serwe
Alliant Electric Verizon Magnan Assessments Town and Country Sanitation

U.S, Cellular People’s Community Bank River Valley Publishing

State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue Sauk County Treasurer

Frontier FS Spring Green Auto Planning Commission Committee Members (5)

Dish Network Bill’s Small Engines Phoenix Computers Bindl/Bauer Limestone

Sauk County Clerk Plain Fire Department Town of Washington Fire Department

Sauk County Highway Department HDMI Any other bills approved by the

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I'm not seeing the approved minutes for the April meeting. Can you post these?