Saturday, July 2, 2011

Minutes to June Meeting (approved)


The 2011 Board of Review for the Town of Bear Creek was held June 9,2011 at
the Bear Creek Town Hall from 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.
Present were Cal Magnan, Assessor; Marty McCluskey, Chairman; Harold
Emerson and Jeff Scallon, Supervisors; Sheila Tafs, Treasurer ; and Eileen Eberle,
Clerk. Also arriving was Tim McCluskey,Patrolman
There were no hearings and no contestments of the assessments. We are in
compliance with our ratio.

The Town Board of the Township of Bear Creek held its regular monthly meeting
Thursday June 9, 2011 at the Bear Creek Town Hall with the meeting called to order at
7:30 Chairman Marty McCluskey.

Present included Harold Emerson and Jeff Scallon Supervisors; Tim
McCluskey, Patrolman; Sheila Tafs , Treasurer ; and Eileen Eberle, Clerk.

The Minutes to the last meeting were read by the Clerk. Motion to approve as read
was made by Harold Emerson , 2nd, and carried.

The Treasurer’s report was presented by the treasurer. Motion to approve as
presented by Jeff Scallon , 2nd , and carried.

Road work for 2011 was discussed. Mowing being done and culvert work in

Road bids will need to be let.. After July 1st

Bear Creek did its resolution for the redistricting of Bear Creek for the county
and state.

Drea’s Bar Licenses will be issued by the end of June for the coming year. Liquor
and beer for $200.00. Operator’s licenses for $5.00 each. Pat McCluskey is the owner
and it will be issued to him.

The Ward Cemetery Report is to be completed and sent to the county.

The 2010 propane contract is here and Marty to talk to company...

The next town meeting is July 7,2011.

The insurance audit to be completed and sent into the company.

The Clerk attended the District’s Recycling meeting in Cazenovia on June 6th..

Beverly Meilke, the County Clerk resigned her position and retired June 9th.

The Quick Books payroll program was paid for in May.

The mower payment was made.

Frontier tax exempt papers came and need to be completed.

The tobacco report needs to be completed and sent to the state. Even if we have no
tobacco sales.

The computer was examined at the Town Hall and the adapter was faulty. Clerk to
replace and then all works again. Some parts battery operated and some parts electrical.

Bills were paid as presented and approved by the board.

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:07 P.M. was made by Harold Emerson,
seconded , and carried. Chairman Marty McCluskey adjourned the June 2011 meeting of
the board.

Recorded this 9th day of June 2011 by the Clerk of Bear Creek Township
Mrs. Lawrence (Eileen) Eberle

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